In order to gain you and build a relationship free from conflict and trouble between us and you, these Terms and Conditions represent a formal agreement and contract between the Smart Media Solutions LLC and our users. These Terms of Use govern your use of, which is a website providing brand building and business strategy services​, writing advertising and marketing content, social media management, marketing campaigns​, message and call marketing, training and workshops, application and website development, sales representatives, special marketing strategy, and e-commerce web and mobile application.


You must not use the Site and Services if you do not agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this contract. The Smart Media Solutions LLC reserves the right to modify or change these terms and conditions without notice. As a Site and Services user, it is your responsibility to periodically review the Terms and Conditions of Use for updates to the Terms and Conditions.

Eligibility for services - Your acknowledgement

Your use of Smart Media Solutions LLC services has never been disabled or prevented from using them.

You have the full power and authority to contract and therefore will not be in breach of any law or contract.

You are not a competitor to the Smart Media Solutions LLC organization, and you do not offer any product that is a competitor to the services provided by the organization.

Obligations and guarantees - You acknowledge and guarantee that you will

  • Not attempt to harm the service or site in any way.
  • Not hinder the proper operation of the site.
  • Pay the fees of agreed service or services in advance and without delay.
  • Not use the service or site to cause harm, harassment or inconvenience to anyone.
  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the United States and the Middle East.
  • Keep your account password or any identifiers we provide to you and provides access to your account, securely and confidentially.
  • Use the service or site for legitimate purposes only, and the services will not be used to send or store any illegal or fraudulent material.
  • Undo and comply with any notifications sent through Smart Media Solutions LLC regarding your use of services provided by
  • Not copy, distribute or resell the site services provided to you or other content, without written permission from the Smart Media Solutions LLC.
  • Not call outside of the organization’s working hours, which are listed on all its websites and official accounts, which are Saturday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Provide accurate and accurate information to the Smart Media Solutions LLC about the services required and the company scheduled to perform those services, and updates them periodically.
  • Not duplicate, issue, publish, transfer, distribute, execute, view, sell, or reclassify Smart Media Solutions LLC services, or you have transferred or commercialized the service, except as permitted under this contract.
  • Not use information, content, or any data accessed or obtained through Smart Media Solutions LLC Services for any other purpose except for the agreed use and will use the site and service exclusively for the purposes of the agreement and will not sell it to any third party.
  • Aware that Services provided to you through the Smart Media Solutions LLC are not reimbursed or replaced, and only if there are errors will you make a complimentary adjustment if the modification is requested within one day of the request being submitted via WhatsApp or e-mail.

Smart Media Solutions LLC pledges

  • The Smart Media Solutions LLC organization may refuse to provide the service or use the site without explanation.
  • Services provided by Smart Media Solutions LLC are not intended for one party or another, but are available to everyone if these Terms and Conditions are approved.

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights to these services and all materials related to or appearing on them (including any content provided or included) are property of the Smart Media Solutions LLC organization, and you must not reproduce or allow anyone, for any reason, to use or reproduce services or any other trademarks or trade names that appear in the services.


  • If you require a certified, printout, you will be charged the value of any shipment and any modification, plus the value of any loss or damage to the shipment.
  • The prices of services as at the time of the order and any change or reduction after the order do not change the purchase agreement and the buyer is not entitled to claim any amount.
  • The Smart Media Solutions LLC organization reserves the right to charge new fees/prices to the use of the online store, service, or both, if the Smart Media Solutions LLC organization decides to charge new fees/rates, and you must pay the service in advance before sending it to you.
  • The Smart Media Solutions LLC may modify or update this from time to time, and it is your responsibility to stay informed about the current prices of the services provided. If you change, the customer may be entitled to refund the amount as long as they have not received the service.
  • You must pay the service in advance to the service provider in cash or through the agreed transfers to the customer/employee account with whom you agree. You are solely responsible for the payment of all charges on time and you acknowledge that no refund can be made once the service is started.

Duration & Termination of Contract

The Smart Media Solutions LLC organization may terminate the contract with immediate effect at any time (disabling your use of the store or service) if you:

  • Infringe or breach any user condition.
  • If the Smart Media Solutions LLC organization determines that you are misusing the store or service.

Where there is any invalid provision in such terms of user or an unacceptable provision in certain circumstances in accordance with the criteria of reasonableness and fairness and only to the extent that it operates in its place between the parties by a provision that is acceptable for all circumstances and is in conformity with the provisions of the void clause to the extent possible, taking into account the content and purpose of such terms of user.